About Knockout

KNOCKOUT aims to inspire, empower and educate people to discover their life's path.  A space to foster self-discovery with classes designed to help you feel good about your body, shift your perspective and give you tools to design a life that you love.  

KNOCKOUT blends dance + yoga + breathwork + personal growth workshops for a truly uplifting experience.

At KNOCKOUT, we believe a workout lights the fire in our soul - wakes us up, kick starts our drive, connects us to a well of peace, unites us with our bodies and with others.  The workout reminds us with every heartbeat, that we are here to accomplish great things. And then as simple as that - we know who we are- we are strong, driven and beautiful. Once we tap into that fountain of knowing our creativity and expression are set free, we can take chances, we can be fearless, we can shine and sweat and be real.  We let go of being perfect, we stop being so hard on ourselves.  Then with every movement, we are stronger, we are confident, we are what we've always been...a KNOCKOUT!