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These New Fitness Studios Will Change the Way You Work Out
APRIL 18, 2018 12:08 PM

Stuck in a workout rut? (Or, simply stuck in a rut where you’re not working out?) Consider changing things up with five new studios that are breaking the fitness mold with their innovative classes and original formats. Manhattan welcomes Brrrn, a new cold-minded fitness concept that believes you can burn more calories and work on environmental conditioning while exercising in 60-degree temperatures (or lower). Because physical results are just one-third of the fitness experience—there’s your mind, your soul—one studio in Los Angeles called Knockout sets aside time for journaling. That’s right, the mindful practice akin to keeping a diary. “People want a well-rounded experience,” says Tracey Raftery, who founded the self-discovery studio at the end of last year. If you don’t have the time to squeeze in a visit to the gym, ClassPass now offers live-streaming capabilities. Whether you’re in New York, Los Angeles, or searching for that solid at-home workout, these offerings have what you need and more. No more excuses.

A stone’s throw away from the beach in Playa del Rey, Los Angeles, Knockout is not the name of a new boxing ring. It is a self-discovery studio for people who are looking for more than just a physical workout. Last November, Tracey Raftery created the space as a place to have all of the modalities she enjoys under one roof: dance, breathwork, yoga, and personal growth practices such as journaling and meditation. From Fire Sessions, a unique class that combines movement with meditation, to workshops covering topics such as career and sex, every offering is designed to debunk the perfect body myth. Says Raftery: “There is no longer a one size fits all.”
177 Culver Boulevard, Los Angeles;


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There are certain things that every wellness-obsessed traveler should do when visiting Los Angeles: Try the blue smoothie bowl (okay, and the fried chicken sandwich) at Great White; browse the newly legalized cannabis offerings at MedMen; and, when not surfing or hiking the canyons, book as many boutique fitness classes as possible.
But where? Well, this spring, you’ll have no shortage of buzz-worthy options at which to get your planks on, ranging from new outposts of established studios (like the oh-so-SoCal flagship Y7 just opened in Silver Lake) to fresh concepts that you can’t find anywhere else (i.e. LA’s first “self-discovery studio,” where you’ll journal, chant, and recalibrate your electromagnetic field after you sweat).

So before you start planning your next trip to La La Land—perhaps you want to stop there before the upcoming Well+Good retreat?—check out this list of 10 new fitness studios that are worth a visit. Trust me, the Hollywood sign can wait.


LA’s first “self-discovery studio” isn’t just about exercising your physical body (although you’ll definitely do a lot of that)—its eclectic offerings promise to tune up your emotional and energetic bodies, too. Along with more traditional dance cardio and yoga sessions, Knockout also offers classes like Soul Remix, a hip-hop fueled meditation and journaling circle; Disruption, which combines breathwork, yoga, ecstatic movement, and meditation to release energetic blocks; and Arimany Method, designed to shift your electromagnetic field through rhythmic movement and vocal exercises. And not a moment too soon—it was only a matter of time before woo-woo wellness infiltrated our workouts, right?

177 Culver Blvd., Playa del Rey, CA, 90293,

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KNOCKOUT was featured on the national CBS NEWS in January on a topic of wellness trends and innovative classes for the New Year.  Link to story HERE